Investors in students

For students, by businesses.

At stooch, we only work with companies that are willing to use their marketing efforts as a means to support creative students, create cultural experiences, and add value to the student world on and offline. We facilitate collaborations between businesses that complement each other; recruit student creatives to work on marketing campaigns, find the best-fit marketing agencies for brands, and create multiple opportunities for organisations to engrave themselves in student culture; through annual events, competitions, awards, innovative technology, and world-beating content.

What is Investors in students?

Investors in students is a confederation created by stooch to unify businesses that have the potential to shape the future of student-world through marketing & advertising.


As a member, you have exclusive opportunities to

  • Advertise on stoochweb & stoochapp. 

  • Sponsor category pages on stoochweb & stoochapp.

  • Request a billboard, or request billboard changes on stoochweb.

  • Sponsor freshers' and graduation merch sold on stoochshop.

  • Hire student creatives from our bookables programme (Including influencers & ambassadors).

  • Advertise on stoochmail newsletters

  • Sell items on stoochshop

  • Sponsor original content, events, & competitions.

  • Bid on first page placements on stoochweb

Cultural marketing always wins

We have a saying at stooch, which goes "say no to flash in the pan marketing, only culture creates lasting effects". We are creating cultural "vehicles" that can be passed on from business to business, allowing each one to capitalise off the success of the other. An example: if we host a successful competition with a company, we intend to host the same competition every year, on the same day/week in perpetuity. However, because we cap our sponsorship contracts at 3 years, other companies can bid to host the competition for 2-3 years and capitalise off the traffic, excitement, and expectations from previous experiences.

We are creating a sustainable ecosystem between student unions, student creatives, societies, and brands. As a member of IIS, you don't just run campaigns for students, you make it with them. Through this membership, you will have access to student photographers/filmmakers/models/influencers, which you can hire to work alongside your team or agency. Letting student creatives get that close and personal with your company is a priceless way to win brand loyalty. That level of access and intimacy can rarely ever be transmitted through a discount or giveaway, but the question is, how do we make millions of students get that close and personal without hiring them all; the answer? content. When you hire student creatives through bookables program, they are required to give video feedback, which will be yours to own, edit and share online.


Stooch is leading the student world in design & innovation, and will soon establish itself as a strong student-media brand, because of that we are very careful with the companies we choose to align with.

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